We are the CRIME VICTIMS ADVOCACY NETWORK. We know that being the victim of a crime is a very painful, stressful and frightening experience for any person. The Crime Victims Advocacy Network is designed to help crime victims by offering victim-focused services such as:

  • Support, resources and referrals
  • Information on crime victim rights
  • Collaboration with other agencies involved with victims’ cases as needed
  • Guidance through the criminal justice system
  • Provision of interpreter services

The crime DOES NOT need to be referred for prosecution to receive services. We provide services to victims whether or not the crime is being prosecuted.

You DO NOT have to report the crime to receive services. We provide services to victims whether or not they report the crime to local, state or federal law enforcement.

Although we respect a victim’s right to confidentiality and privacy, we are bound to the laws of mandatory reporting which mandate that workers in certain professions, such as victim advocacy, must make reports ifthey have reasonable cause to suspect abuse or neglect of a vulnerable person.

CVAN Mission Statement

Advocates working together serving victims of crime

Vision Statement

Working together to strengthen crime victim services


  1. We value diversity.
  2. We are committed to serving victims of crime.
  3. We value the lives of crime victims.
  4. We value those who partner with us in responding to the needs of crime victims.


  1. To protect the rights of crime victims
  2. To increase awareness of CVAN in our communities through outreach and education.
  3. To strive for excellence in service.
  4. To exemplify leadership amongst crime victims service providers in our communities.
  5. To continually increase knowledge and provide the best services to victims of crime.